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"Your Hunchback of Notre Dame play is exactly what I was looking for! Thank You!"

"This was the perfect adaptation!"

"Thank you every much...my students will be very excited about this!!!"

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Are you wondering...

Can you call our office?
No. All of our transactions are made online. This enables us to keep our prices low... and we know you love that!

Can I photocopy the script for my cast and crew?
Yes! If you purchase the play you can make as many copies of the play as you require for your production.

Do you provide free "perusal" or "preview" scripts?
Some of our plays have online perusal/preview links. You'll find these links on the information page for that play. We do not provide print or download preview scripts as these unfortunately tend to get used for production and this means our writers do not get paid for their work.

Are their Royalties to be paid on the performance of the plays?
, if your audience is charged an admission (click here for more information)
No, if your audience is not charged an admission. 

Can you post my order to me?
No. Our scripts are available for download after purchasing so you get your order fast and don't have to pay shipping costs. We know you love our efficient, low cost service!

Do you have a "returns" and "refund" policy?
Customers are advised to take care in the purchasing of scripts from SchoolPlays.Net as we are unable to take returns and provide refunds due to the fact that our scripts are in computer file format rather than physical book form.


Other questions? Contact us at:  info@schoolplays.net Please note that if you do not receive a reply from us within 24 hours it is most likely because our return emails to you are being rejected by your email server. This is problem we have experienced with a number of schools. Please either ensure that your email servers will receive email from info@schoolplays.net or advise us of an alternative email address such as a yahoo, hotmail, gmail or non-school address. Thank you.