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"Your Hunchback of Notre Dame play is exactly what I was looking for! Thank You!"

"This was the perfect adaptation!"

"Thank you every much...my students will be very excited about this!!!"

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If your audience is not charged an admission to your performance there is no royalty fee to be paid.

If your audience is charged an admission to your performance there is a royalty fee to be paid. The royalty is 10% of your total ticket sales.

If your audience is paying an admission fee or ticket please register your performance with us by emailing the following information to: info@schoolplays.net

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At the end of your performance season you are required to make your royalty payment. See below... 


Making A Royalty Payment

You are only required to make a Royalty Payment if your play was performed to a "paying audience". The royalty fee is 10% of your total ticket sales (gross). Payment is to be made within 14 days of your final performance.

Making a royalty payment is very, very easy. Simply follow these easy steps...

1. Click on the  button below.

2. When the payment screen opens enter your Royalty total (in US dollars).

3. Click on the "Update Cart" button.

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