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No Room at the Holyday Inn

By Devon Williamson.

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 "The Christmas story bought to life in a modern re-telling. Perfect for 9 - 12 year olds to act".


Length: 20 Minutes
Cast: 9 - 12 Actors
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Audience: Children / Family

About the Play: A modern version of the traditional Christmas story. Mary and Joseph arrive at the Holyday Inn but the only room left is the Janitors closet. Comic characters and lots of fun to act this Christmas play brings the nativity into our modern world. Contains moderate religious themes.

About the Writer: Devon Williamson is a professional playwright and drama tutor. His plays and short dramas have been produced throughout the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.


1. Mary
2. Joseph
3. Hotel Manager
4. Trainee Manager One
5. Trainee Manager Two
6. Housekeeper
7. Maintenance Person
8. Window Cleaner
9. Angel One
10. Angel Two (Can be play Hotel Manager)
11. Wise Traveler One (Can be played by Trainee Manager One)
12. Wise Traveler Two (Can be played by Trainee Manager Two)
13. Wise Traveler Three (Can be played by Angel One)

A sample from the play...

Scene Two

Enter Housekeeper vacuuming the floor with noisy vacuum cleaner. Maintenance Person arrives with a ladder and tools, he/she sets up the ladder and turns on a small radio/stereo. Window Cleaner wearing an I-pod enters with spray bottle and squeegee and mimes cleaning windows. Plug the vacuum cleaner and radio into the same outlet offstage so that at the flick of a switch they will both stop.

They are busy at work and do not notice the two Angels enter.

Angel One: Don't be afraid!

Angel Two: Yes, don't be afraid!

No response from Housekeeper, Maintenance Person and Window Cleaner.

Angel One: (Raising voice) I said, “Don't be afraid!

Angel Two: (Raising voice) That's right, don't be afraid!

No response from Housekeeper, Maintenance Person and Window Cleaner.

Angel One: Hey!

Angel Two: Listen up!

No response from Housekeeper, Maintenance Person and Window Cleaner. The two Angels look at each other and shrug to audience. Angel One comes up with an idea and clicks his/her fingers. At that moment the switch is flicked offstage and all the noise on stage stops.

Angel One and Two: (Yelling in their loudest voices) Don't be afraid!

Housekeeper, Maintenance Person and Window Cleaner scream with fright.

Angel Two: We said don't be afraid!

Angel One: Don't you listen?

Housekeeper: Who are you?

Maintenance Person: What are you?

Window Cleaner: Where are you? (Others look at Window Cleaner and he/she looks embarrassed.) Sorry.

Angel One and Two: We’re Angels!

Angel One: We've got great news!

Angel Two: Amazing news!

Housekeeper: We're getting a pay rise?

Angel One: No, better than that!

Maintenance Person: I'm getting some new tools?

Angel Two: No, use your imagination, better than that!

Window Cleaner: The Buffet is open? (Others look at Window Cleaner and he/she looks embarrassed.) Sorry.

Angel One: No, a new King has been born!

Angel Two: Right here at the Inn!

Angel One and Two: It’s a miracle!

Angel One: And you guys are the first to know about it!

Housekeeper: A King? Here?

Maintenance Person: And you're telling us first?

Angel One: That's right!

Window Cleaner: I get it; you want us to clean up.

Maintenance Person: (To Window Cleaner) You got that right. The only time we're first on the scene is when everyone else is avoiding being first on the scene.

Housekeeper: Who are you guys any way?

Maintenance Person: What's with the robes?

Window Cleaner: Are you going to a party?

Angel One: This is the party!

Angel Two: And you three are the first to be invited!

Angel One: Before the Hotel Manager! Before the restaurant Maitres d'! Before the rich guests, before the T.V. news!

Maintenance Person: That would be a miracle!

Housekeeper: Let’s just back up a moment. If you two are Angels, then where is the heavenly music?

Angel One and Two look at each other and then click their fingers. A piece of “Angelic Music” plays. They click again and it stops.

Housekeeper: Good enough for me. Where do we find this baby King?

Angel One: The Janitors closet.

Maintenance Person: The what?

Window Cleaner: Are you kidding?

Maintenance Person: A king is born in a Janitors closet?

Angel Two: He's not your usual king.

Housekeeper: No palace, no media, the house staff as his first guests? I'd say he's not usual!

Maintenance Person: This is my sort of king! Out of the way!

Housekeeper: Lets go!

Window Cleaner: To the buffet! (Others look at Window Cleaner and he/she looks embarrassed.) Sorry, I'm hungry

Housekeeper: (Grabbing Window Cleaner) Come on!

(They exit, Angel One and Two watch them leave, shake their heads and then exit).

 ...the play continues.


Coming soon.