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Title Cast Length About the play Link for more info
The Three Questions  11 roles all interchangeable between male and female actors.
 20 Minutes
 A King / Queen seeks the wisdom of who is the most important person, what is the most important thing to do and when is the right time to do. Through the wisdom of an old Hermit the King / Queen finds the answers to these questions. The clear message of the story is kept in this entertaining adaptation of the classic tale. Perfect for young actors to perform.

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Double O Steven  9 - 11 roles, almost all interchangeable between male and female actors  7 -10 Minutes  You've heard of 007 but have you heard of Double O Steven? By day he is a mild mannered school boy… by night he’s… Double O Steven! This short comedy play is fun to stage, and fun to act with roles for actors of all abilities. Ideally suited to a classroom play or drama class.

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